About me

I am a mama of two little ones, living in a village near the seaside. I have worked as an Events Manager for over 10 years, travelling the world and planning group programmes, although I love my job having my kids has meant things have had to change. I now work on a part time basis without the travel…After some thinking, catching up on sleep and some changes in our lives I wanted to do something new for myself, hence happy nova has launched,  a mixture of my son Noah and Daughter Ava’s names – it seemed right to put happy on the front as that is all I ever want them to be.

A lover of all things storage! – a little OCD with putting things neatly away I have started my little shop with these unique colour dipped baskets. Whether you want the simple monochrome look in your home or beautiful pastel colours is your thing, there is a basket to suit all – with more to follow..

thanks for checking out my page

Lucy x